What’s included:

Two nights in the hospital, nurse care, food
Doctor and anesthesiologist fees
The surgery
Transportation from designated pick up areas (see list of airports, train stations, bus stops, etc.).


Your travel expenses to get to the hospital or hospital pick up area.
Your COMPANION’S MEALS at the hospital
Additional night’s stay at the hospital: $150.00 (or stay at a hotel for only $80.00)
Major complications

Please note that we need an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) before you arrive so that our doctors can determine your eligibility. Please note that if you want to get this test done in Mexico instead it will be $150.00 Also note that you could be denied surgery after the HSG test, so it is recommended that you get this test done at your local hospital instead.

Before Surgery

Fill Out Medical Form

Tell us about yourself. Click on the link below so that our tubal ligation reversal surgeons feel confident that you will get results from your TLR.

Send Tubal Report and HCG Test

You can email it, scan it or fax it but we need it. Contact your doctor to get this important document. Click below to see all options.

Confirm Appointment

After reviewing your medical data the doctor will confirm an appointment date by email and one of our staff will also call to make sure the time works for you.

Book Transportation

Your pick up and drop off from designated airports, train stations, and bus stations are included in. Just let us know when you will arrive. See list of designated pick up spots.
Designated pick up spots:
Airports Train Stations Bus Stops Parking Lots
San Diego, CA
San Diego, CA
San Diego, CA
AA Parking, Alfa Parking, Colorado Parking, and JI Parking
park at any Motel in Calexico and we will pick you up
Calexico, ca
At The Hospital
Once you arrive at the Family Hospital of Mexicali Mexico for Tubal Surgery, you will be greeted by our friendly patient coordinator who will check you into your room, then you will consult with your doctor and take some tests. You will also get a bowel prep so try not to eat anything too heavy or spicy the day before. You are also required to pay for the surgery at this time.

The next day is the surgery. A tubal reversal, also known as recanalization, is performed under general anesthesia and the surgery takes around two hours. The surgeon uses a laparoscope, which is a thin lighted wire-like device with cutting and stitching abilities, through your belly button. Once the surgeon reaches the fallopians tubes, the surgeon makes a small bikini-line incision to attach an instrument to the laparoscope to remove any clips or rings and reconnects the ends of the tube back to the uterus with very small, quick healing stitches. You are required complete bed rest for the rest of the day. Your room has a television and Wifi for your entertainment.

The next day you will be seen by the specialist their assistants to be cleared for discharge. Our courteous driver will then take you across the border (or a hotel if you wish to stay an extra night).

Please note that All surgeries carry some rare risks which includes bleeding, infection, or damage to nearby organs, or reaction to anesthesia. In the history of this hospital there have been 0 cases of excessive bleeding, infections, or damage to nearby organs, however there have been two instances of reaction to anesthesia and surgery did not take place as a result.
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After Surgery
A tubal surgery may delay your menstrual cycle and intercourse will be painful for the first 2-3 weeks but after that you can resume normal sexual relations.

Will you get pregnant after tubal ligation surgery? there is no guarantee. While many women will experience pregnancy in their first year there are several factors that could affect you and they usually include:
  • Your age (women over 40 have a harder time to conceive).
  • The number of years that have passed since the tubal surgery and the reversal, any period longer than 15 years may have issues.
  • Length of the remaining fallopian tubes, and whether they still work properly
  • Amount of scar tissue in your pelvic area
  • Results of your partner's sperm count
Of course we believe in helping to create families, which is why we are called the Family Hospital. Click on the link below and let’s help you get started on YOUR family journey.
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Meet Our Affordable Tubal Reversal Surgeons

Ricardo Llamas


Dr. Ricardo Llamas is one of the founders of Hospital de la Familia and is considered one of the most experienced Gynecologist still active in North Mexico. He is an staff at the Family Hospital.

Lupita Machado


Dra. Lupita Machado regularly attends seminars and global congress annual meetings such as the Global Congress of Gynecology and Endoscopic surgery to name a few. She has performed thousands of Hysterectomies, Tubal Ligation Reversals, In-Vitro Fertilization treatments, and other Gynecological surgical procedures in her over 17 years of medical practice